Nina and Dr. John Golden

A Closer Look | Nina and Dr. John Golden

Our journey to Orenda began many years before we actually signed the application to become a partner in 2002.

We were two busy health care professionals – John, a family physician, and Nina, a physical therapist. Oftentimes we were working over 60 hours a week, with zero time for each other, ourselves or our kids. We even had a live-in nanny for our small children.

Like so many people, it took a crisis of epic proportion to open our eyes to a better way of living. That came in the form of a catastrophic illness of our son, Ben, when he was six months old. Within the blink of an eye after diagnosis, Ben had lost a kidney due to cancer, followed by nearly 2 years of difficult chemotherapy. His traditional treatment left him healed, but with a devastated immune system. He had numerous serious infections of the bone, blood and sinus, requiring long courses of IV and oral antibiotics. That began our journey.

John began to search for answers to help Ben regain his health. Ultimately, that led John to the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Over the course of several years, John studied with leading experts in many natural fields, and was one of the first 80 medical graduates of the program. John’s medical practice began to change, incorporating more complimentary therapies, and culminating in the creation of an Integrative Wellness Center, in which he is the Medical Director, working with other healing disciplines.

Along our journey, we met two very special people – Randy Stralow and George Hall. We came to know them as passionate and very talented in their fields. George had been involved in the formulation and marketing of advanced neutraceuticals for over 25 years. Randy became our good friend and mentor 15 years ago in an industry that was completely new to us – network marketing. We respected George for his vision, and Randy for his “gut,” tenacity, and passion. So, when they called on us to evaluate this new opportunity, “Orenda International,” we didn’t hesitate.

Through our evaluation, we discovered that Orenda has three key components necessary for a company to be successful. First, Orenda had leadership with integrity and mission. Second, Orenda had cutting edge science in antiaging, immune science and now recently, super foods. In fact, the Orenda products have the most advanced natural technology we have seen in all of our years of experience. Finally, the timing in the marketplace was perfect.

We came on board as the second distributors, and quickly developed a team, while our family began experiencing spectacular results from the Orenda products.

John: “I always have criteria I look for in products – they must be exceptional in quality, be efficacious, delivering the results my patients need, as well as a good value. When I saw the science in the products, I put all my other products aside and started on the Orenda products. Personally, I experienced results I honestly wasn’t expecting. I could feel the toll of years of stress and aging recede to the point that I enjoyed working out again. I even ran a half marathon and beat a personal best that I had set ten years previously. What is most remarkable for me is observing the changes in so many people that I care about.”

Nina: “I so appreciate the incredible health with Orenda. I have great energy and got serious with a personal trainer at Miletich Training Systems. He really gave me a lot of confidence, believed in me, and brought the college athlete in me back to life. At age 50, I feel leaner, look better, and I am healthier and stronger than I have been in a very long time.”

It has not only been gratifying to help so many people with their health (we have over 20,000 people on our team), but the abundance of the Orenda business is amazing! After recognizing what Orenda had to offer, Nina committed 25 hours a week to the Orenda business, and in the first year, tripled her annual income as a physical therapist. She recently hit 7 figures cumulative earnings with Orenda. Today, many leaders on our team are enjoying not only incredible health, but the financial abundance and time freedom as well.

What Orenda has truly created for our family is the ability to honor our values- health, family, education and serving others. The Orenda business has created a sense of peace for our family – from two parents working long hours with little flexibility before this business, the difference is incredible. We now have choices – for both time freedom, as well as financial options. Nina enjoys the benefits of TIME – never missing a high school or college tennis match with our sons Ryan and Ian, who have both shown passion and talent for the sport. Nina has been able to travel all over the country as a proud, supportive parent, a luxury many parents only wish they could have.

We are a family who truly enjoys spending time together traveling- from trips abroad, to snowboarding over the holidays and golfing weekends – Orenda has been the vehicle that allows that choice. Not only has Orenda allowed our family time together and time for travel, the prosperity this compensation plan has provided our sons with extraordinary opportunities. Very early in our Orenda career, we were able to pay for Ryan’s first year college tuition at the private university of his choice with one check. Ryan is heading off to graduate studies with no undergraduate debt (what a gift!), and then on to medical school in a year.

For Ben, after all of his struggles as a child, Orenda made it possible for him to enjoy a terrific high school graduation bicycling trip to Ireland with Ryan, and last summer he spent nine weeks in rural China hiking and participating in research as a Science Research Fellow. He is currently studying Premed and Russian at DePauw University, and hopes to pursue his passion of missionary medicine. However, perhaps the most memorable opportunity Orenda provided Ben came in the form of a two week high country backpacking Boy Scout trip with John. Though father-son time may not sound out of the ordinary, as a busy physician, it would not have been financially feasible for John to leave the office for two weeks had it not been for Orenda. And because of Ben’s unique health situations, it would have been nearly impossible for Ben to go without his physician father. Orenda not only supported Ben’s health through this trip, but it also made it possible for a working father to take time away with his teenage son without concern. The journey of a father and son on a two week trek through the mountains resulted in a lifetime of memories that are priceless.

As our team in Orenda grows, and as Ian approaches high school graduation with more education to come, we know that the possibilities for our children and for our retirement are limitless into the future.

Over the last six years with Orenda, our journey could not have been possible without many people whom we respect and cherish. Thanks to Randy Stralow, for calling us and believing that we were the best first partners to join him. Thanks also to his lovely wife, Vanessa for providing balance for Randy, making him a better leader to all our teams. We look forward to celebrating your 25th anniversary together. Thanks to George and Bob for their ongoing commitment to product development, company innovation, and unswerving dedication to the Orenda mission. You’re solid as a rock, and we look forward to many sunsets together with your families. To our team, we couldn’t dream of a better group of people to call “partners”! We are continually inspired by each of your stories of product and business success.

Thanks to Danae Hinich for always being there with profound consistency to push Nina in her recruiting. Thanks also to Anne Herrick for her leadership with her team. Special thanks to Dr. Charles Norwood for being a “like-minded medical pioneer” to share the journey with John (as well as mentoring Ben on his internship).

Finally, we’d like to thank our families, our parents and our boys, Ryan, Ben and Ian for always believing in us as we pursue our dreams. We love you!

To those of you looking at Orenda for the first time- reading our story, or listening to Zero Time- believe it can happen for you- because it is absolutely available to everyone! The products will deliver the results that you are looking for, and the business has a system in place for everyone to be successful.

This story is a reflection of the experience of this individual and may not be applicable to everyone.