People Lifting People

The mission of Orenda is to lift people by helping them to develop their god-given power to enhance their health, their thoughts and their lives and to return to them control over their time, finances and careers. Those who become a part of Orenda experience the true joy that comes with being respected, valued, and appreciated. A joy that is often, and unfortunately, hard to find in the corporate world.

The Heart of Orenda

From day one Orenda started putting money safely away for the Heart of Orenda Fund. Each year 1/2 percent of the full retail value of Orenda products has been placed in the Heart of Orenda Fund and donated to important children's charities such as The Smile Train and Child Help USA. Orenda would like to thank everyone who has purchased an Orenda product, for it is you who has changed these lives for the better.

The Hexagon

Orenda's six-sided logo is not coincidence, it is symbolic of Orenda's philosophy. Each of the six sides represents important stakeholders crucial to Orenda's success; our Partners, our Founders, our Employees, our Vendors, our Customers and our Community. Each decision made within the walls of Orenda is made with the well-being of these six entities in mind. The hexagon is the strongest symbol in nature, with Orenda, it is now the strongest symbol in business.