Orenda International was founded in March of 2002 by two brothers from the Midwest, George and Bob Hall. Growing up, the brothers watched their father, a very talented sales representative, be disrespected and treated as completely disposable. The image of their father, exhausted and broken by the brutal reality of the corporate world, coupled with the brothers’ own negative experiences as pawns in the corporate game, were driving forces in the development of Orenda and the values upon which Orenda is based.

Meet the Founders


Robert W. Hall


Over the course of his career, Bob Hall has directed teams in Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, and Product Development, giving him a solid foundation in the skills he would later need as the Co-Founder of Orenda International. His efforts on behalf of his clients, including Fortune 500 companies, helped them to grow to new levels of success. In the 1990s, Bob developed a keen interest in immune technology, working with early immune support ideas. This, combined with his business ideals, helped to shape Orenda International. From the first day, Bob has taken an active role in the operations and innovations of Orenda. He heads international development for Orenda, and played a key role in opening the doors for Orenda in the United Kingdom.

Bob takes great pride in the Heart of Orenda Fund, which contributes one half of one percent of every product sale to children's charities. He and his wife are also members of Social Venture Partners, a philanthropic organization that donates times, skills, and money to community improvement, education and children.

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George W. Hall


George Hall has combined two of his passions, wellness and entrepreneurship, into one organization: Orenda International. With more than 30 years experience in the network marketing industry, George has helped the organizations he's worked with achieve great success. Taken together, these companies have created more than $1 billion in cumulative sales volume. He takes intense pride in the fact that he has assisted 23 people to earn more than a million dollars in network marketing. Seeing the possibilities this industry has to offer, George embraced the core belief that the profitability of Marketing Partners is the single most important issue in the development and health of a successful network marketing enterprise.

George has not only been a part of incredible success in the network marketing industry, he has also been recognized for his expertise and his integrity. The Direct Selling Association, the national trade association dedicated to the continued advancement and high ethical standards in the field of direct selling, invited George to take part in its Ethics and Self Regulation Committee. He served on the committee with honor, giving them the benefit of his knowledge and learning from its other members.

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