Wendy Simone

A Closer Look | Wendy Simone

When I was a child, grownups would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I answered simply…”happy.” By High School, I was already dreaming of retirement, and as an adult it was the carrot dangling in front of my nose as I worked embarrassingly long hours in and on my salon. It was the prize that I promised myself as I spent nights tossing and turning, my mind whirling with thoughts of work and worries and potential disasters, instead of settling into deep, peaceful slumber. Someday I’d retire, and then I could finally, finally rest. When I pictured it in my head, retirement wasn’t just a scaling back of labor; it was crossing a finish line, cocktail in hand, and lying down for the rest of my life. It was permission – no, it was an injunction to relax.

If you’d asked me, I would have said I had a pretty great life. I was grateful for what I had created, I felt lucky, and I thought I was happy. Wildly busy, yes, but happy and successful. I would have said I was in good health, even though I was so exhausted that I frequently wished a bus would hit me, just so I could spend the recovery time resting. My constant aches and pains were just a normal part of life. I move fast and I run hard, so I didn’t give those aches much thought, I figured they were the price I paid to do what I was doing. Things weren’t exactly the way I wanted, but they were certainly very good.

Looking back, I was dragging myself through each day, so busy I couldn’t see straight. I said “no” to just about anything that came my way. I was certainly not looking for a new business opportunity. When I was introduced to Orenda, I ignored the opportunity entirely. I signed up as a Manager, but the only thing I was willing to do was to skeptically try the products.

Now, when I say I was skeptical, I don’t mean I had couple of doubts. I mean that I thought the products were going to be a complete waste of time. Even when my aches and pains fell away, when I started sleeping well for the first time in years, when I felt enthusiastic about life again…I told myself it was just a coincidence. I would set myself little deadlines, saying, “If I still feel this good after a month, then I’ll believe in the Orenda products.” “If I still feel this good after two months, then I’ll believe.”

After three months, I stopped bargaining with myself and started believing.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that my entire life was changing. I had energy, I had clarity, I had freedom of movement. I was eager to get out of bed. I felt calmer, more streamlined, like I was in love. Okay, I felt FULL of vitality. Frankly, I was absolutely amazed.

I started making lists of other people I knew who might also benefit from the Orenda products. I spent a weekend contacting friends, acquaintances, and clients and letting them know what Orenda had done for me. It was no surprise that they wanted to get started, too! It was fun to be bringing a chance at greater wellness and vitality into their lives.

It didn’t occur to me that I was building a business.

When my first check arrived, I called Orenda Homequarters to tell them they had made a mistake (remember, my skepticism?). There was no way that check was meant for me. Imagine my surprise when they told me that I’d earned that money, and that they looked forward to sending me more.

Since I was apparently hip deep in an Orenda business, I agreed to attend an event and learn more about the company. I didn’t expect much out of it. I was so resistant, in fact, that I refused to wear a nametag, and I kept my arms crossed defensively over my chest the whole weekend. It didn’t do any good, though. Despite my distrust, I found myself thawing to the earnest, Midwestern Co-Founders, Bob and George, and to the kind and supportive Orenda Partners I met at the event.

After that, Orenda really started wearing away at my skepticism. I just couldn’t hold up in the face of Bob and George’s confidence in me, or in the face of the mounting evidence that the system and the products really worked. One day I looked around and was stunned to find that I had become a skeptic in recovery. I’d found my place, and it was more rewarding than I ever could have guessed.

My entire life, I’ve been asked to slow down. Talk slower, walk slower, move slower, think slower. This was the first time that anyone had let me run out of the gates and find my own pace. It’s been not only freeing, but healing on a very deep level. I got that I could just be myself, and be rewarded for who I am. I’ve been with the company for several years now, and that feeling hasn’t faded.

Along with wellness, a mind-blowing revenue stream, and a sense of belonging, Orenda has given me other gifts. For one thing, it’s given me greater confidence and skills. At my first Orenda meeting, I was so nervous I couldn’t even think of what to say. I read the Presentation Brochure aloud, just so I wouldn’t have to formulate my own words. Now I’m actually able to stand proud in front of large groups of people, remain in my body, and speak for myself. Whether it is on an Orenda stage, sharing my experience and business knowledge with others, or at a community event, motivating young people, or performing Taiko Drumming. All that I’ve learned with Orenda has given me a voice, and a deeper sense of who I am. And that is a powerful thing.

Orenda has also given me the chance to share my good fortune with others. The light bulb went on when I returned from a long awaited safari in Africa to find a check from Orenda in my mailbox. I hadn’t been in the salon, heck, I hadn’t even been on the continent – and yet my Orenda business had still earned me an income while I was away. I thought, “Wow, people need to know about this! Who wouldn’t want to be paid for being on vacation?”

Hair Stylists like myself worry about illness or injury, or any time off, really. We get paid by showing up and doing hair, and it’s a very physically demanding job. For many, an unexpected crisis could tip them over the edge financially. Orenda has provided me the opportunity to take time off, for fun or just sanity, and not have to worry about a negative impact on my bank account. I am so grateful for this bit of magic that came into my life, and I am proud and honored to be able to share this same opportunity with others I meet.

Another surprise that came with my involvement in Orenda is the stellar people I have come to know. There have been many who have encouraged me, taught me, helped me grow, and cheered me on. Of course it all starts with Bob and George Hall. Such brilliant, yet regular guys, with big hearts (and great senses of humor). Thank you for your trust – it has touched me more deeply than you realize.

Cy and Jaqui Bassett, your kindness helped to melt my armor and skepticism right from the jump. Thank you for seeing something bigger for me than I could see for myself. Anne Herrick, you are just plain ‘the bomb.’ What a gift you are to me and my team! Nina Golden, thank you for keeping a hawk eye on me, and for all your generous help and wisdom. Randy Stralow, thank you for meeting me where I was, for WAKING ME UP! For making me laugh and for your love. Without Diana Gordon and Nora San Felipe, who would I have practiced three-way calling with every morning? Thank you for taking those first wide-eyed steps with me, you have made this business a blast! Cindy Tuck, I am so proud to know you, I am grateful for what you have taught me, and the friendship we have developed. Thank you for your trust and for sharing yourself with me. You are the 8th wonder of the world. Michael Drewes – you are impossible … and I love you. Jesse Logan – You blow my doors off; I look forward to running to catch up with you. Drs. Nikol and Marc Margiotta, you are my tribe, and I’m so glad we found one another.

My entire downline is a blessing, filled with terrific people who are spreading the Orenda message or simply taking steps to live in the healthiest bodies possible. I am grateful for every one of you.

Last, but not least, how cool is it that you can call a company and reach a real live human and not have to go through a phone tree? Thank you to Renee and Sarah for your unending patience and for fielding all the calls that come your way.

Orenda has taken me through a portal and into a new world. A world where I look forward to retirement as a chance to branch out into new interests, not as a stopping point for my life. A world where I take joy and satisfaction in helping my team build their businesses. A world where I am having fun, making money, and helping others to feel as fantastic as I do. I never thought I would be doing anything like this … and I LOVE IT!

If you’re a skeptic, I say, “Welcome to the club.” But I also say “Give Orenda a chance to win you over.” These products, these people, this business – they have a way of bringing out the best in people. And you’ll never know what your best is if you don’t take that first step and say “yes.”

This story is a reflection of the experience of this individual and may not be applicable to everyone.