Randal Kobat

It was July, 2015.

I had just a handful of days left to say I was “in my forties”.

I wouldn’t say I dreaded turning the big 5-0… but there’s something about that birthday that makes you take a closer look at yourself. And I knew something needed to change. If I wanted 50 more birthdays, I was going to have to get serious about my health. My blood pressure was high and my cholesterol was creeping up too– not to mention I was unhappy with my weight.

I knew how it all happened; being a lifetime lover of food, letting my responsibility to my family keep me “too busy” to care for myself, and a career that led to a less-than-healthy lifestyle… All of these things meant I was not going to live the long life I wanted.

Shortly after this realization, I saw a high school friend on social media showing her success with Clean Burn Shape. I knew I had to give it a try.

I have to be honest, the first few days were rough. I started the program right before a work trip. My company has snack-heavy meetings and substantial lunches but I was determined to stay on the plan. I sorted through all the food choices and, to my surprise, was able to find the veggies and salads I needed.

That little extra effort was so worth it; I am now down 35 pounds, I actually have energy at the end of the work day and I sleep better too.

Not only that, I think one of the most fulfilling parts of the Clean Burn Shape plan for me was when I shared my experience with a coworker. He called me several months later to tell me how my dedication and hard work had inspired him to start exercising and eating better. He was so thankful that I shared my success. It was a big moment for me. I realized that I not only made a difference in my life, but I was positively impacting others as well.

As I write this, I am officially 50 years old and living a life of adventures. I went skiing for the first time in my life and my wife and I are now training for a half marathon. By taking control of my health, I was able to create a new list of goals for myself and after Clean Burn Shape, I’m confident I will have 50 more years accomplish them all.

Results vary. Clients on the Orenda Detox Cleanse Program can expect to lose 2.5 – 5.4 lbs during the first 10 days and 1.3 – 3.3 lbs per week for the remaining 90 days of the program.