Calgary teeth cleaning

Article provided by: East Village Dental

Calgary teeth cleaning

Having healthy teeth is one of the most important aspects when it comes to improve and maintain our overall wellbeing. A lot of our health problems come from untreated or undiagnosed dental issues which, in the long run, can evolve into more severe affections. We, at East Village Dental, take this matter very seriously, due to its potential substantial adverse impact.

Calgary teeth cleaning doesn’t aim to provide people with a more beautiful, cleaner smile, although that too has its benefits. On a more in-depth level, the real goal is to help maintain the individual’s health, as well as prevent the many affections whose causes can be traced back to improper oral hygiene.

And failing to take care of your teeth can have a series of unpleasant side effects, including:

Halitosis and a bad taste in your mouth - These are some of the most common side effects

The appearance of tartar - Deposits of mineralized bacteria at the base of the teeth, right under the gum, leading to tooth decay

Gingivitis and gum infections - caused by bacteria responsible for gum inflammation

Cavities – Caused by bacteria creating an acidic environment in the mouth which attacks the tooth’s enamel

Blood infections – Will occur when wounds in the gum allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream; one of the effects is the increased risk of stroke and heart disease

Stains – Will often appear in conjunction with consuming liquids or foods that are known to stain the teeth’s surface, like colored beverages and coffee

The purpose of institutions like Calgary teeth cleaning is to counter and reverse these symptoms, when possible. And the best way to do it is by resorting to prevention.

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean

Naturally, as explained previously, teeth cleaning doesn’t only refer to aesthetics. Although that is also an essential aspect in the equation, what matters are the underlying benefits linked to the process and these spread across several areas, like the medical condition of the individual, his psychological well-being, and the social environment.

In other words, aside from dealing with the aforementioned clinical problems, having clean teeth and impeccable oral hygiene will benefit us by:

Increasing self-esteem – Having healthy teeth and a fresh breath helps us feel more confident in our social relations

Increased social acceptance – People tend to judge others by their dress code, their money, their smell, their behavior and, of course, their smile. First impressions are crucial

More sexual attraction – Studies have shown that people are attracted to clean, shining smiles. Clean breath is a cherry on the cake

In essence, oral hygiene is crucial both in determining our immediate and long-term health, but also in helping the individual by providing plenty of social benefits. In this sense, Calgary teeth cleaning promotes one of the most efficient methods of disease prevention, as well as means of social interaction. And East Village Dental is on the frontlines of this campaign, proudly waving the flag of several decades of dental, medical advancement.