A Closer Look – Nina and Dr. John Golden

A Closer Look – Our journey to Orenda began many years before we actually signed the application to become a partner in 2002. We were two busy health care professionals – John, a family physician, and Nina, a physical therapist. Oftentimes we were working over 60 hours a week, with zero time for each other,… Read more »

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A Closer Look – Barbara Moore

If you put yourself in my sandals, you can look out over the Kona Coast to the sun-sparkling Pacific Ocean. This paradise is where I have been blessed to live for four decades. My beloved home, perched around a monkeypod tree, filled with art, music, humor, healthy foods, and aloha, was voted “Best B&B in… Read more »

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A Closer Look – Marge Wheeler

People who know me often describe me as bubbly. Friendly. Fun! I am delighted with these descriptions, but they don’t feel complete. I once asked one of my sisters to describe my defining trait from childhood. She said: Persistence. When I look back at my life, this is a trait I can embrace. I was… Read more »

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