Couples Counseling Spruce Grove

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Couples Counseling Spruce Grove

Are you looking for the best couples counseling in Spruce Grove? Family Life is a highly sought-after facility for family, relationship, and marriage counseling services. Our couples counseling services have an 80% success rate and have significantly helped spruce up the dynamics between people's marriages and relationships.

When should you seek relationship counseling?

Seeing one of the licensed couples counseling therapists in Spruce Grove can help couples dealing with a variety of challenges in their relationship. Attending our Spruce Grove marriage counseling therapy may be ideal for you if your relationship is/has been through one or more of the following issues:

  1. Broken trust or infidelity
  2. Frequent or never-ending arguments
  3. Poor communication and inadequate personal interaction between partners/spouses
  4. Something doesn't feel right, but you are unsure about the problem.
  5. You wish to let your partner know about something, but you are afraid of the outcome

Besides, we recommend relationship counseling if one or both partners act dysfunctionally during or after a conflict. Dealing with a child's grief can often place a lot of pressure on the relationship, affecting the way spouses/partners connect. We help couples dealing with such sensitive emotions sail through these turbulent times and offer them hope for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Does couples therapy really work?

Couples counseling is an emotionally-focused therapy (EFT) with a 75% success rate. Couples therapy is a systematic approach that changes the restricted communication and constrained dynamics between couples in a marriage or relationship.

Couples therapy alters the emotional responses between couples, strengthens their bond, and creates a sense of attachment. Couples therapy can take a minimum of six-months to yield the best outcome. However, some couples may require more time depending on the challenges in their relationship and session frequency.

Benefits of our couples counseling services

It is not uncommon to feel nervous and skeptical about seeing a couples counselor. However, speaking to a trained professional about topics like sex and money can help you look at your partner differently and enable you to fix your relationship or marital problems. Here are some of the benefits of our Christian couples counseling in Spruce Grover, Alberta:

  1. Clarifies your feelings about your relationship

Spending a couple of minutes with your partner to express your thoughts and feelings under the supervision of a trained therapist can provide both partners with a clear picture of your relationship's path.

  1. Provides an objective perspective

Most couples play the blame game and have arguments that can last forever. Our Spruce Grove therapists can shine a light on those problematic areas of your relationship and guide the discussion peacefully for a better outcome.

  1. Help resolve relationship roadblocks 

You can save your relationship well before arriving at an impasse. Tackling sensitive and delicate topics in a confidential setting under the supervision of one of our marriage counseling therapists in Spruce Grove, AB, can resolve many issues and strengthen the bonds between you and your partner/spouse.

To sign up for couples counseling in Spruce Grove with the #1 marriage therapist, call 780-963-7451. Family Life is a leading counseling and assessment service provider with an experienced team of psychologists and therapists and the best client outcomes.

Couples Counseling Spruce Grove