Orenda 10-Day Detox Cleanse

Orenda 10-Day Detox Cleanse

The Orenda 10-Day Detox Cleanse is a program that will help support and empower a healthy lifestyle. As you jumpstart your natural detoxification process, you'll feel the added benefits of feeling good, better energy... a healthy way to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew. A cleanse three to four times a year is an effective plan for any healthy lifestyle. The Schedule...


4 x C = Clean Days, 6 x S = Shape Days.

Continue with the Orenda 10-Day Detox Cleanse components in a modified 30-Day routine, a flexible program designed to meet both your health goals and your lifestyle. Participants follow a specific diet and exercise regimen during their “Burn” days, mix in 1 "Clean" day per week, and get 2 days "OFF", a "Clean: day must follow the "OFF" day.

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24 x B = Burn Days, 2 x OFF = Day Off, 4 x C = Clean Days.

Support with Recipes can be found under the Lifestyle tab at thisisorenda.com.

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Jumpstart your detox process with the Orenda 10-Day Detox Cleanse. You’ll soon realize how much those toxins were holding you back. A cleanse three or four times a year is an effective plan and many use the changing of the seasons as a reminder that it is time to start another.