Clean, Burn, Shape

Clean, Burn, Shape

The Clean, Burn and Shape 10 Day Program will have you seeing and feeling results faster than you thought possible. You can be sure the first 10 days will be the most exciting and rewarding.

4 x C = Clean Days, 6 x S = Shape Days.

The Clean, Burn and Shape 30 Day Cycle is an adaptable program to meet both your health goals and your lifestyle. Participants follow a specific diet and exercise regimen during their “Burn” days, mix in four (4) “Clean” days, and get 2 days “OFF”

24 x B = Burn Days, 2 x OFF = Day Off, 4 x C = Clean Days.

See our Life Style section for Clean Burn Shape healthy recipes.

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Summer body. High school skinny. Fighting weight. What it says on your driver’s license… ? Whatever you want to call it –it’s time to put a number down and go for it.