Orenda Balance

Orenda Balance

Orenda Balance is an exquisite herbal formulation that comes in a convenient spray, so you can be sure to swallow the right amount. The ingredients in Orenda Balance can help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level (for those within normal ranges), support your cognition, promote a calm and balanced state of mind and support a balanced metabolism.


The Difference is in the Delivery

A liposome is a tiny fat bubble.  This bubble is made up of layers of phospholipids similar in makeup to our cell membranes.  This creates a pouch in which ingredients can be carried, protected and delivered to target tissues in the body. Liposome Technology is a rapidly expanding area of state of the art pharmacology.  It is widely recognized as the optimal delivery system of necessary treatments.  However, this method is still under utilized in the natural health arena. Orenda Balance harnesses the revolutionary nature and effectiveness of this technology.

More about Orenda Balance

Learn more about the elegant formulation of banaba, charantia and other herbs and vitamins in a proprietary liposomal delivery system.