A Step-by-Step process for getting started the right way and creating a thriving team using the Orenda Viral Video Sharing System

You're new to Orenda. You may even be new to Network Marketing. You've taken the next step and now you want to start sharing the Orenda Opportunity and Products with others. 

But you're not sure how.  

Fortunately, our Orenda leaders have put everything you need to know to get started into a set of training videos that focus on five elements.

These training videos are designed to help new Orenda Marketing Partners get started the right way to create a thriving team. Watch the training video clips below for this easily duplicatable system.

Here's what we will be teaching...

LESSON ONE (5:26 min)

Why Network Marketing? Why Orenda?

We provide unique "Niche" products with a low business start up cost and no geographic limits in an industry (nutrition supplements) with a market set to grow by 156 billion dollars by 2024. Orenda also provides an equal opportunity where you can be your best self by using your unique talents and skills to put forth the effort you desire for a business that is truely unlimited.

LESSON TWO (7:41 min)  

Get Connected to the System

Learn the importance of getting connected to this duplicatable video based system. Your two best tools are your story and the videos. 

LESSON THREE (8:38 min)  

Set Your Goals

Reference the Dynamic Networking Action "DNA" Guide, discover your WHY and set some goals to share with your sponsor.

LESSON FOUR (6:30 min)  

Sharing Your Story And the Viral Videos 

Nervous about whay to say? Here's the truth: your story is the most important one. Learn to tell it in a short impactful way. Learn the best way to share the video messages from those that have had success. Orenda is a business of building relationships. Most prospects need your personal contact. This is not a hands off by blasting videos on social media and waiting for someone to contact you back type of business. 

LESSON FIVE (6:35 min)


You're on the right track by sharing the videos. But remember, what most Network Marketers forget, to ask prospects to buy, to FOLLOW-UP and to schedule what's next. In this final lesson we'll show you how to follow this easily duplicatable business process and help your new team members get started.