Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers Near Me

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Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers Near Me

Outpatient drug rehab is cheaper than residential inpatient treatment and allows patients to carry on with work, family, and other obligations. Still, you’ll need to spend several daytime hours at the rehab facility, especially in the early stages of recovery that involve intensive outpatient care. It’s the responsibility of your rehab center to ensure that your outpatient treatment plan gives you ample recovery resources. Since you’ll be spending time away from rehab, they should engage you in therapies that make it easy to avoid triggers at home, work, or school.

If you’re looking for the finest ‘outpatient drug rehab centers near me’ in CA, our addiction treatment facility at The Heavenly Center is perfect for you. We provide unique, holistic, evidence-based treatment protocols that will have you excited about rehab.

Here’s Why Outpatient Drug Rehab at Our Center is Unique and Exciting

One of the misconceptions about substance addiction treatment is that rehab is boring and uncomfortable. Many have the notion that treatment occurs in a hospital-like setting. Contrary to this belief, our addiction treatment facility provides services that feel nothing like being institutionalized. Our therapies not only bring healing, but they also allow our guests to have a good time.

Most outpatient rehabs offer group therapy, individual therapy, and medication as part of their programs. Very few go beyond this range of services. As such, people wishing to access other methods of treatment have to research widely on where they can find a diverse selection of therapies and activities.

A limited selection of programs can make rehab less exciting. Treatment may end up feeling like something you have to do but which you don't enjoy. That is why at The Heavenly Center, we have included numerous programs as part of rehabilitation. We have so many activities and therapies you can participate in, enabling you to have a one-of-a-kind rehab experience.

Our Unmatched Selection of Therapies

One of the major features in our outpatient rehab is music. Our addiction treatment specialists are aware that music therapy and mental health treatment can be instrumental in substance use disorder rehabilitation. Therefore, we provide classes in music production, songwriting, and sound engineering. If you love music, you can even produce your songs at our studio as a way of self-expression. As you hone your skills and discover new passions, you’ll benefit from music therapy for anxiety and music therapy for depression.

Other courses you’ll enjoy at our rehab are food nutrition and plant education. We’ll teach you how to grow organic foods in your home and prepare nutritious meals. This is essential because to recover from substance addiction, your body and brain need to be well-nourished.

Proper nutrition is also essential in maintaining good mental health. Back home, you’ll have fun trying out new recipes and growing your garden, activities that can keep you busy and away from situations that trigger drug or alcohol use.

Massage and aromatherapy are services people usually expect to find at luxury spas and rehabs. But at The Heavenly Center, we break the norm and provide massage services for your enjoyment during outpatient treatment. At the end of your daily sessions, you’ll be completely relaxed, calm, and ready to continue with your recovery journey.

World-Class Addiction Treatment Programs

At The Heavenly Center, we don’t hold back when it comes to ensuring our guest’s comfort in rehab. Let your search for the finest ‘outpatient drug rehab centers near me’ end here. With us, you'll access unsurpassed treatment programs. So, if you're wondering, ‘what kind of music is good for depression?’ Or ‘which therapies are right for me?’ We can answer these and more questions. Contact The Heavenly Center for the best outpatient addiction treatment in all of California: 855-9THCNOW.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers Near Me