Outpatient Drug Rehab Fort Worth TX

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Outpatient Drug Rehab Fort Worth TX

If you’re an addiction victim looking for a fast and reliable solution to your problems, we welcome you to Ascendus Behavioral Health today! Our outpatient drug rehab in Fort Worth, TX, is the ideal treatment option for individuals struggling with moderate addiction, who can’t control their cravings effectively.

How to treat drug addiction at home?

No matter how mild your drug addiction is, we advise against taking the matter into your own hands. Self-treatment is a dangerous concept when it comes to drug addiction when even the smallest mistakes can have drastic consequences. Most people who resort to self-management experience more severe side-effects, relapse, dangerous drug interactions, etc.

The self-treatment will also affect your confidence and self-esteem if you fail your recovery goals, which is more than likely to happen. We recommend contacting our rehab professionals for safe and effective rehab treatment at our outpatient rehab facilities soon. Our clinicians and behavioral health specialists can provide comprehensive medical assistance to ensure safe and reliable recovery.

Inpatient vs. outpatient drug rehab vs. partial hospitalization program

Inpatient treatment

The inpatient program is ideal for people dealing with aggravated addiction, who require intensive treatment, medication, therapy, and continuous assistance. The program will place patients in a controlled environment, under strict supervision, where they will remain to heal and rehabilitate at their own pace. During the treatment, you will undergo various recovery programs, including medication management, behavioral therapy, recreational activities, group and individual counseling, relapse prevention training, etc.

The inpatient treatment usually lasts between 30 and 90 days, depending on your overall health status and progress during the program. After that, the patient may choose to join a follow-up treatment like outpatient programs, IOP, or Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for additional support and guidance.

Outpatient treatment

The outpatient drug rehab in Fort Worth, TX, relies on non-intensive care, only requiring your presence for several hours per week. Our rehabilitation program offers nine hours of therapy weekly, along with family support, medication management, counseling, relapse prevention education, etc. The outpatient treatment is more affordable than the residential program, and it allows you to involve your family in the recovery process.

It is a necessary form of treatment, following the inpatient program, thanks to its long-term benefits. Our IOP will allow you to strengthen your commitment to sobriety, meet and bond with other people, and rediscover who you are as a person.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The PHP works in tandem with IOP to create a fruitful recovery and self-development experience. It is a form of day treatment, relying on five hours of treatment daily, except the weekends. You can also return home after each treatment session, allowing you to heal and recover in the security, luxury, and comfort of your own home.

Call Ascendus Behavioral Health to find out more details about our outpatient drug rehab in Fort Worth, TX. You can now fight substance addiction on your own terms and get professional support and guidance along the way. Come to our rehab center and begin the treatment today!

Outpatient Drug Rehab Fort Worth TX
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Outpatient Drug Rehab Fort Worth TX
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