Commitment to Quality

Excellent results by beginning with the highest quality product.

Orenda International manufactures all of our products with contract manufacturers in facilities that comply with the strictest current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and adhere to the strict FDA standards for dietary and nutritional supplement manufacturing. Orenda is committed to conducting business only with vendors who adhere to the highest ethical standards and who comply with laws and regulations applicable to their business and are registered, licensed and certified by outside agencies that independently certify their compliance with industry guidelines, government regulations, and quality assurance practices.

By using only cGMP compliant facilities with exemplary quality control and quality assurance programs, each batch of product we make goes through several quality checkpoints, from raw materials to finished product. Ingredients are tested carefully for identity, purity, and potency. By holding our finished products to the very highest standards, you can be sure that you are doing the very best for your health.

In our commitment to quality and safety, Orenda takes an additional step, beyond the thorough analytical/chemical certificate of analysis testing already conducted by our suppliers and manufacturers. We send our finished products to an independent third party, FDA & EPA Certified and ISO/IEC 117025 accredited laboratory, for confirmation so that we meet USP guidelines for Glyphosate, Pesticides, Aflatoxins, and Residual Solvents.

All of Orenda’s products are tested to be gluten-free. Orenda uses organic ingredients in some of our products. However, due to lack of availability or a failure to meet our quality standards, not all ingredients are organic. Orenda’s ingredient sources are currently in upwards of 90% non-GMO. We are in the process of closing this gap to 100% non-GMO. Currently Orenda has a verified non-GMO status for all of our Orenda products except our Ultimate Female, Male and Active multivitamin formulas.