Tiffany Jendrzejczyk

Libido/sexual function - I started August 12, 2013. Perhaps the worst day for me to begin the 10 Day. The end of summer was just around the corner and I was planning to enjoy every last minute of it. Concerts. Family parties. Summer gatherings. And of course, at the center of each was an amazing spread of summer-time goodies and plenty of libations to go around… With a packed-social calendar, a love for wine and food (and more wine), I was afraid I wouldn’t have the strength or willpower to overcome those obstacles. Maybe this wasn’t the best time to start… But I didn’t feel good. I didn’t like the person I was becoming and was disappointed in the way I looked… So I decided to just do it. Because after all, there’s always going to be a reason not to start. I’m proud to say, I was pleasantly surprised. With each passing day I felt better about myself – about my determination, about my dedication. The obstacles didn’t stand a chance against the improvements that were happening in those first few days. And it turns out, August 12 was a perfect time to start. Fresh fruits and vegetables were abundant. And since I am an elementary teacher, I was able to focus on my goals without the stress of starting school. Then, once school started I was already into the 30 day and breezed through a very stressful year without over eating or drinking – my previous stress-management go-tos. At 100 days, after 24lbs and 20 inches, I went from a size 10/12 to a size 2/4. Now, nearly a year later (and at 49 years old), I feel better and look better than I ever have before. And I can’t believe I’m saying this… but the wine I loved so much… I actually appreciate it more. I know it’s summer and it might not seem like the best time to start. But really, why wait to feel this good? There will always be reasons not to start… And you deserve better than all of them. Results vary. Clients on the Orenda Detox Cleanse Program can expect to lose 2.5 – 5.4 lbs during the first 10 days and 1.3 – 3.3 lbs per week for the remaining 90 days of the program.