Orenda Training

A Step-By-Step process for getting started the right way and creating a thriving team.

Step 1 – Download

Download this pdf. It will help guide you through your Getting Started Check List.


Step 2 – Connect

DOWNLOAD “Orenda Connect” application from the App Store or Google Play. TURN ON “Notifications” for the app.

JOIN our “Team Orenda” Facebook Group here. Search on Facebook for “Team Orenda” and ask to join.

DOWNLOAD and PRINT the DNA Guide and have it with you for Step 4.

Download the DNA Guide

Step 3 - Watch the "Getting Started" Training Video Series

WATCH the “Getting Started” Training Video Series led by Orenda Co-Founder George Hall and Executive Director Nina Golden.

Watch Video Series

Step 4 - Goals

SET YOUR GOALS: by going to the “Your Goals” section in Step 2 of the DNA Guide you printed.

START making your list of prospects in the Orenda Connect app.

ENROLL your first 2 people within your first 48 hours.

CALL your sponsor to review goals.

Step 5 - Promote

UNDERSTAND the 2-min and  7-min Video System:

Do they need MORE information? Share the 7-Minute video and introduce your upline.

All video’s are available to watch or share from the Orenda Connect App.


Download the Scripts

Step 6 - Lead

DUPLICATE steps 1-5, become an Orenda Manager within your first week.

COMMIT to joining Orenda’s Team Training Call every week, refining your skills and become increasingly effective as a network marketing professional.

Monday night at 8:30pm (Central Time) Join online from: OrendaLive.com or Call in to 646-568-7788, our meeting ID is 4808891001

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